3 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Paint Colours

3 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Paint Colours

Need to buy luxury house paint? Avoid these common mistakes that people make when choosing paint colours:

  1. Only Looking At Colour Strips Before You Choose A Colour
    While a colour strip is a handy tool to have when narrowing down your options between different colours, the sample is much too small to get an accurate idea of what it will look like on your walls. Another problem with colour strips is that the colour you are considering is too close to other shades and tones. You need to see the colour in isolation in order to make a well-informed decision.
  2. Not Observing The Colour In Your Own Environment
    It’s not possible to make a mental imprint of the colour you saw in a showroom and carry it home and onto your walls in your head. Everything from the amount of natural light your room gets to the colour of your curtains, furniture and finishes can have an impact on the final colour that you will see on your walls. Your best bet is to choose your favourite colours and paint them on sections of your interior walls that you intend to paint. Observe the colour over a few days so that you can get a sense of the shade and tone during the day and at night time.
  3. Using Online Tools To Find The Perfect Colour
    Technology and the digital revolution continue to change virtually every industry, and the building environment and interior design sectors are no different. Many paint suppliers offer online colour matching and colour selection tools, which makes it seem like you can redecorate your home from the comfort of your desk. The problem with this approach is that a screen can’t accurately display the colours of the paint. The shade that you see on the screen will probably be very different from the paint colour that ends up getting delivered to your house.

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