3 Painting Tips to Prevent Mess, Mishaps and More!

From accidental drips to unfortunate spills, painting a room can often be a messy business! Luckily, with the help of these three painting tips from the team at Warrior Paints, it definitely doesn’t have to be…

Aluminium Foil is Your Friend

One of the best things to have on hand when house painting is aluminium foil as it can be used to prevent plenty of the un-pleasantries often associated with the process. First of all, if you’re not keen on having to wash out your roller pan every day, simply line it with aluminium foil before filling it with paint. You can also use it to protect door knobs when painting on doors – just wrap it snugly all around them and VOILA!

Grab a Bucket

A 19 litre bucket will do the trick when house painting with the help of a ladder. Simply place your can of paint and brush inside the bucket and use paint-can hooks to hang them. There’ll also be plenty of room in the bucket for your rags, putty knife and paint scraper, making it much easier to avoid messy paint spills.

Use Some Masking Tape

One of the most common painting tips is to use masking tape to avoid painting over areas that you want to keep clean. However, it can also be used to stop paint from getting into the groove at the top of your paint can. It’s less messy, and you’ll be saving paint in the process. When it comes to interior house paint, very drop counts!

Are you searching for more helpful painting tips? Perhaps you need assistance when it comes to choosing a paint colour or finding the right acrylic paint for your project? Whatever your needs, you can count on Warrior Paints to lend a helping hand. Contact us today for more information.

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