4 Inspiring interior house paint ideas for your office

Is it time for a new fresh and professional company look? Your company office colours have become stale and dull and you want to liven up your employees and their surroundings with earth warming, vibrant and rejuvenating colours or maybe calming tones to improve wellness and stress levels. Choosing the right interior house paint for your office will encourage the right working environment you need.

Depending on the industry you work in and the impact and effect you want to have on your employees and customers, there is a paint colour right for you!

At Warrior Paints we have a selection of paint colours for you to choose from and some painting tips that our team of professionals has put together to inspire you and help you make the right decision for your business’ colourful future. Choosing a paint colour has never been easier.

Inspiring painting tips to help you choose the right interior house paint for your office

Blue: This is known as the most productive colour for a working environment, especially if you are an auditing or accounting firm. Spice up the stimulating blue with a touch of orange to inject emotion into the environment.

Yellow: If you are in a creative industry then yellow is the colour for you! Yellow stimulates energy and makes your employees more optimistic.

Red: Physical productivity is influenced by red tones. A construction company would be suited to red interior walls stimulating physical strength.

Green: Calming and reassuring, green tones enhance a balanced productive environment. Companies where money and personal services are exchanged would benefit greatly in green surroundings.

It is important when choosing the right interior house paint for your office that you are aware of the message you are sharing with your employees and your customers.

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