4 signs your home needs a coat of exterior paint

4 signs your home needs a coat of exterior paint


Is it time for a new coat of paint? It’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to big jobs like repainting your home’s exterior. Here are four tell-tale signs that it’s time to repaint your home:



Most paint will fade over time, but you will probably notice that the walls that receive the most sun fade first. If certain sections of your walls are fading, it might be time to consider an exterior paint job to give your house a facelift.



Peeling paint is unsightly and will often require a new paint job. One of the reasons why your exterior house paint peels could be poor adhesion from a previous paint job. Another reason is moisture, so check areas such as under your window sills where water could be accumulating. Make sure to fix any issues before you repaint your walls.


Colour changes

While fading is usually due to natural elements like the sun, changing paint colours could indicate a larger problem. Check your home’s exterior for darker or lighter patches as this could be due to water leaks that are putting strain on your paint. Also check shady areas for mould or water stains where water doesn’t properly drain from your home’s exterior.


Cracking paint

Paint tends to crack around door frames, windows and the foundation of the home. Check these areas for cracked paint to determine whether it’s time to invest in a new coat of paint.


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