5 New Year’s resolutions for homeowners

It seems unbelievable that January is already here… and with the New Year comes those dreaded resolutions. While getting yourself to the gym more often may be high on your list, consider these painting tips and add them to 2017’s New Year’s resolutions:


  1. Exterior paint work

The outside of your house should be painted regularly, once a year if possible, to keep your home in good condition and prevent weather damage to the exterior. Choose a paint colour in a warm neutral such as beige or cream as this is easier to clean and does not weather as badly as pure white.


  1. Windows frames and doors

When performing painting maintenance, don’t forget the windows and doors as these can be subject to the most weather damage. Sand down old and flaking paint or varnish and cover with a couple of coats of exterior varnish or acrylic paint suitable for exterior use.


  1. Interior paint work

If your interior house painting needs an update, make 2017 the year to do it. Interiors are best painted in warm neutral shades that can easily blend in with any colour scheme – from pastels to brights. Choose a luxury house paint for your interiors to ensure the best paint job, most economical use of paint and a long-lasting finish.


  1. Bathrooms and kitchens

These areas require special attention:  the presence of water can cause damage or mould due to damp. Speak to someone at your local hardware about treating damp and prepping walls in these areas before you paint.


  1. Add a splash of colour

If you’ve always been more conservative in your choice of paint colours, make a New Year’s resolution to take a colour risk and add some bright accents to your decor. An accent is just that – subtle and eye catching – it doesn’t have to be a colour explosion. Consider painting one wall in the house as a bright feature, or painting the front door in a bold colour to contrast with the neutral exterior.


Warrior Paints stocks a wide variety of luxury house paint suitable for interior and exterior use. For more information, or painting tips, please contact us today.

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