5 perfect paint colours for kitchens

Just because it’s a functional room, it doesn’t mean that the kitchen can’t make a style statement. Actually, for many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home so choosing paint colours that suit your personality and reflect your decor style is important.

Traditionally, kitchen decor has always centred around warm earthy tones and wood finishes. If you really want something different however, painting the walls and cabinets in bright, bold colours can look incredible.

Here are just a few of our favourite house painting colours for modern kitchens:

Traffic stopping red

Nothing says wow like bright red. Depending on the rest of your decor and kitchen accessories, red in the kitchen can create any feeling from Parisian chic to ultra-modern.

Electric blue

Luxury house paint in bright shades of royal and electric blue are clean and contemporary without being clinical. Blue, no matter what the shade, is also calming and comforting if you want to create serenity in your kitchen.

Emerald and mint

As the colour of nature, green is a popular choice for kitchens. The modern update however calls for bright, fresh colours such as mint and emerald. When choosing a paint colour, avoid earthy greens as these can look dowdy and old fashioned.

Sunshine yellow

The warmth of yellow lends itself to traditional kitchen decor. Choosing bright yellows over muted shades makes for a more modern look.

Tips for tiny kitchens

If your kitchen is more of a nook than a room in its own right, bright paint colours can be very overwhelming. Consider using colour as an accent – such as to paint the back panels of open shelves or glass fronted cabinets. The same applies if you are nervous of taking the plunge with colour. Bright colour accents are a way to update kitchen decor without too much risk. If your kitchen is open plan, choose a paint colour that ties in with the decor in the main room to ensure continuity.

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