A home owner’s guide to why paint peels

As a home owner, you may notice that your interior house paint (or even your exterior house paint) is starting to peel.  Unfortunately, this is one of the most noticeable and unsightly signs of a paint job that is slowly but surely degrading.

There are a number of possible reasons for house paint to start peeling. Most paints can be divided into two major categories: latex paint and oil-based paint. Both latex- and oil-based paint consist of a pigment, a binding agent that acts as an adhesive, and a solvent that ensures the mixture is fluid enough to get painted onto a surface. The binding process of the two paint types is slightly different when it is exposed to oxygen.  The difference in this curing process leads to oil-based painting adhering better to difficult surfaces where latex paint has the ability to seep into more porous materials (which has its advantages in certain applications).

One of the reasons why the paint is chalking is that the wrong type of paint was chosen for the given application. Some paint, for example, certain latex paints, won’t perform well if it is painted onto wood surfaces that need to expand. Another possible reason is that latex paint was used to paint over older oil-based paint, which leads to unnecessary cracking. The third possible reason is that the surfaces weren’t properly prepared for the paint job.

If you want to avoid paint peeling, make sure that you buy high quality, luxury paint from a trusted paint manufacturer in South Africa. At Warrior Paints, our paint experts can give you all the advice you need to avoid paint peeling and cracking. Contact us for more information today.

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