A Warning: Why Avoid Using Lead Containing House Paint

House paint that contains lead is not commonly used in South Africa, with only a few cases being reported of homes that still use the harmful substance. Lead based paint is dangerous and should not be used in domestic settings where it exposes residents to its harmful effects. At Warrior Paints, we believe that house painting should be done using high quality paints that do not contain any harmful materials. Some of the reasons we advise against using lead house paint are:

  • Damaged lead paint can be hazardous – Although well maintained lead paint is safe and can be used as interior house paint, it becomes unsafe when it starts to peel from the wall exposing residents to its harmful effects. Therefore, it is better use alternatives such as acrylic paint that is safe whether in good condition or damaged.
  • Lead paint gets easily disturbed – When lead paint is applied on surfaces such as windows or railings, it can start flaking off because of the friction caused whenever they come into contact with people. The flakes can be consumed by children unknowingly or even contaminate adjacent soil if it is used as exterior house paint.

It is important to go beyond finding the right colour of paint for your home and ensure that you buy only those that are safe. Lead paint can cause a lot of damage to the body system and if detected late, it can even be fatal. It is therefore important to test your paint before applying it to the walls on your home to ensure that they contain no traces of lead.

One of the painting tips we always give our customers to help them avoid buying lead based paint, is to buy their paint from reliable suppliers. The supplier should be known to only sell safe products used in newly constructed homes and those undergoing renovation as well.

For more on products that contain lead, contact our team today so that you can get recent and factual information while learning more about our painting products as well.

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