Acrylic house paint means less mess, less smell and fantastic results!

Acrylic house paint is becoming an increasingly popular choice for home decorators, for several reasons. We want our houses to look their best and reflect our personalities, but we also want the job completed quickly and with minimum hassle.

So why choose acrylic house paint?

  1. Low odour. This paint has lower odour than any other paint and this odour will disperse faster, so you can use newly painted rooms sooner. Low odour is especially characteristic of eco-friendly acrylic paints, so they are a great choice if paint odour really affects you.
  2. Faster drying time. Because these paints are water-based, they dry very quickly. This is especially great if you need to move into these rooms soon or if you need to apply multiple coats of a colour.
  3. Less mess. Acrylic house paint is very low mess, as it can be cleaned away using soap and water. This makes it the perfect choice for home DIY, as any messes can be easily wiped away. It’s still advisable to cover furniture and flooring however, as it will adhere to material and wood as soon as it dries.
  4. Wide variety of textures and effects. These paints are available in an incredible variety of colours, textures and effects, so there is no way that you won’t find the perfect product to get the look you want. From eggshell emulsions, matt and low sheen finishes to the popular suede effect paint; there is everything you could want and more.
  5. Available in eco-friendly ranges. As technology for producing paint has improved, so have suppliers and customers looking for products that are produced in an environmentally aware manner. These products are also safer to use in the home and are a great choice for painting bedrooms, babies’ rooms and rooms for the elderly. They are also safer to work with since they are very low odour and give off the smallest amounts of chemical emissions.

To find out more about choosing and working with acrylic house paint, please visit the Warrior Paints website or contact us today.

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