Acrylic Paints in South Africa: A Guide for Specifiers.

There are various types and grades of acrylic paints in South Africa that are suitable for commercial building projects. The paint in a commercial building doesn’t have to be a fancy or decorative paint but it should be durable, low cost and cover the area adequately.

One of the main requirements of an acrylic based paint for commercial purposes is the cost of the paint. Paint costs can get expensive for commercial projects so the paint of choice should cover well, have multiple surface uses and be relatively inexpensive compared to a premium grade acrylic paint.

Acrylic Paints Suitable for Commercial Projects

  • General Purposes PVA. These acrylic paints are used mainly an interior paint with good filling and obliterating properties. The paint has a matt finish and is the acrylic paint of choice by contractors because it is economical and is easy to apply. In addition, it can also be used as a ceiling paint or the first coat on raw plaster. It is commonly used in low cost housing projects.  It can also be used for garages, concrete, and other areas where budgetary considerations are necessary.
  • Heavy Bodied PVA.  Builders and contractors typically use this specifically formulated paint due to its low cost. Despite its economical reputation, heavy bodied PVA has excellent filling capabilities and is easy to use and quick to dry.
  • Acrylic Roof Paint. This type of emulsion based acrylic paint is of high quality, lead free and contains light fast pigment. It can be used on various surfaces including cement, fibre cement, concrete tiles, primed corrugated or IBR roofing and primed galvanized iron products. Visit your local paint dealer to inquire about these acrylic paints.

Contact your local retailer who sells acrylic paints for additional information on the right type of for your commercial project. Warrior Paints offers a large selection of paints for all your needs.

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