Are you ready to paint? Here’s how to build an accurate house painting budget

House painting is something that needs to be done every so often to ensure that the home is maintained and its value doesn’t deteriorate. To keep maintenance costs down, ensure that you keep your home exterior and interior painting upkeep up to date. If you are ready to paint you will need to start shopping around for the right paint for the job and this requires more than just looking for a colour that you like. You will need to find a paint that offers exceptional quality, durability and value for money too.

One of the biggest parts about preparing to paint is that of building a house painting budget. Of course it is best to make use of the suppliers paint calculator to determine just how much paint you will need for the area, but there are a few factors that will affect how much you spend on your paint job as follows:

  • Grade of paint that you choose. Poor quality paint will undoubtedly be quite cheap, but this does not mean that excellent quality paint will be unaffordable. Make sure that you chat to the supplier about the various grades and what you can expect from them.
  • Condition of your home. If your walls are clean and smooth, you will just need to give them a recoat. If you haven’t painted in a while you will need to remove the old flaky paint and use an undercoat. This will of course cost extra.

How often should I paint my home and what paints should I use?

How often you paint your homes’ interior and exterior will depend on the climate where you live and the materials used for the construction of your home.  For instance cracking and peeling of paint can occur quicker in very hot and dry areas. And if your home is made from wood, you can expect it to need repainting more frequently. The trim of your home such as the window panes, roofs and around gutters need touch ups quite frequently as this is where the most wear and tear will show. Each home is different and it is best to chat to the professional paint experts about frequency of painting and which house paint products to use.

At Warrior Paints we stock a range of interior house paint and exterior house paint of exceptional quality. If you are looking for house paint that is designed to last, then what we have on out catalogue is just for you.

We have a colour chart available to assist you with selecting the right shades and our website as well as our consultants, is well equipped to provide you with tips and paint techniques that will leave your home looking refreshed. For more information on our range of house paint, contact us at Warrior Paints today.

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