Benefits of Acrylic Paints in South Africa

There are many different types of acrylic paints in South Africa available and they are one of the easiest paint types to use and ideal for many projects.

One major advantage of acrylic paints versus oil paint is that it has less of an odour and dries much quicker. An oil-based paint can take a day or so to thoroughly dry whereas acrylic paint will dry in a matter of hours. In addition, water can be added to acrylic paint but yet, it will remain waterproof once it is on the painting surface. You cannot add water to oil paint; just like oil and water – they do not mix.

Why use acrylic paints?

  • Dual Purposes. Acrylic based paints can be used on your interior walls or the exterior of your house.  For exterior purposes, acrylic paint can be used on brick, plaster, cement, fibre cement, concrete tile, primed corrugated or IBR roofing; it is suitable for most other masonry type surface. For the interior, it is suitable in high traffic areas including interior walls of all rooms with the exception of the bathroom and kitchen. Different variations of acrylic paint can be used for decorative purposes for your home.
  • Easy Cleaning. Another great advantage to acrylic paints is that acrylic based paints are long lasting, washable and easy to clean. Acrylic paints are also stain resistant so your walls retain that freshly painted look for a long time.

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