What is the best time of year to paint a house?

As painting a home can be a laborious and expensive task – and choosing the appropriate time of year to do so is just as important as choosing the right house paint! Humidity, extreme temperatures and forceful winds can drastically affect the durability of the job. Warrior Paints gives you an insight on the right time of year to take on this project with valuable painting tips.

Summer, Spring, Winter or Autumn?

Summer: Summertime is usually when most homeowners decide to paint the exterior of their homes. If you are facing extreme temperatures and humidity, however, this may damage your paint materials as well as prevent the paint from adhering to the surface of the home. In locations that enjoy mild, rain-free summers, you have a great opportunity to get the best results!

Spring: This season is perfect for most parts of South Africa as the temperatures are not too hot or too cold. Usually, after a harsh winter, the existing paint job of your home has been drastically affected by high moisture levels (for example, if you are in the Cape) or dry, harsh temperatures (like those in the highveld). Spring offers you the chance to fix up any wear-and-tear during mild temperatures, getting you great results before the heat or rain of summer sets in.

Winter: While winter may be a great time for interior painting, exterior painting is not recommended during these months, as the paint may not cure due to extreme cold temperatures as well as seasonal rain.

Autumn: This season can be a good time to paint the exterior of your home if you are in a location that does not have high humidity and rainfall. Another thing to keep in mind during this season is the constant shedding of trees. But if your home is well sheltered, go ahead and paint away!

Thus, depending on your location, temperatures and humidity levels, there us always a perfect season to begin your house painting job. We hope these painting tips from Warrior Paints were helpful. Contact us today for a consultation!

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