How to choose the right paint type and colour for your bathroom

Choosing a paint colour and type for your bathroom can seem like a challenging experience. You are bound to feel a little overwhelmed with all of the interior house paint options available. There’s gloss, satin, flat and many different shades to choose from – the options are almost endless. You might even need to choose different types of paints for the ceiling or trimmings and even the door frames and window frames. Making these choices can be difficult, so we’ve put together some tips and advice below to make painting your bathroom easier.

First and foremost, keep in mind that the bathroom is a moist and humid environment. You will need to ensure that the paint you choose will be able to withstand the humidity and that it will be easy to keep clean. Remember that the glossier the paint, the better it will fair in a humid bathroom environment. It tends to be more washable and water-resistant too. Satin and semi-gloss paint varieties are good choices.

You should also keep your eyes open for paint products that include additives that inhibit the growth of mould and fungus.

When it comes to choosing a paint colour for your bathroom, the size of the bathroom space comes into play. For large bathrooms with a modern appeal, deep and dark colours such as burgundy or grey can really add to the appeal. If you are working with a small space, try to use light paint colours and capitalise on natural light by installing blinds over window spaces. This will truly open up the space and it will appear bigger.

Choose a supplier of luxury house paints that has a great reputation on the market and make sure that you investigate the quality of the paint that they have on offer. Top quality paint will sometimes cost a little more, but will last longer and be less costly to maintain in the long run.

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