Choose the right primer for a commercial project

There are few things as exciting as embarking on a new commercial paint project. There are however so many factors to consider in such a project that important aspects, like choosing the right paint primer, are easy to overlook.

Why you need to use a paint primer

Without a foundation a building won’t stand. The same applies to paint. A good paint primer can make all the difference. Paint will only look good if the right primer and painting techniques have been properly applied.

To be able to choose the right primer for the job you need to be clued up on issues such as the type of surface or material that is used in your project. There are literally hundreds of surface and material combinations these days. Knowing exactly what materials and surfaces you will be working with will help you in finding the perfect primer for the job.

Another factor to consider is the environment you’re working in. Different primers will have different reactions to environmental conditions. Sunlight and moisture can have an impact on the drying times of the primer. Even the paint that you intend to use may have an effect on your choice of a primer. Make sure you consult with a paint expert to get the right paint and primer combination.

Tips on choosing the right primer for paint projects:

  • Adhering to the substrate: The most important role of paint primer is to form a base coat on which you will paint or apply other products. The primer needs to bond with the surface and the type of material you will work with.
  • Creating uniform surface: A good primer will make surface imperfections disappear and can even make different materials seamlessly merge into each other.
  • Sealing pores: Pores can make a surface look rough and unrefined. Primers are excellent in taking that surface one step closer to perfection. With a good paint primer and some hard work you can make almost any surface look flawless.
  • Preventing stains: Primers also have the added advantage of preventing stains. Use them to seal wood and other permeable materials. A good commercial paint primer will prevent stains, marks and other eye sores from bleeding through the surface.

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