Choosing Colours and Paint Types for Your Master Bedroom

Choosing Colours and Paint Types for Your Master Bedroom

Interior house paint comes in literally any colour, type and finish. The colour you choose for your master bedroom, however, has to be carefully thought through. Here are a few tips to guide you through the process:

  • How Do You Want To Feel In Your Master Bedroom?
    Some people want to feel energised and upbeat when they enter their bedroom, while others want to feel calm and docile. You may prefer a light and breezy atmosphere as opposed to a dark and cosy environment.
    Most people prefer a relaxing atmosphere for their master bedroom. Remember that even if you choose a neutral shade, you can always spruce up the environment with vibrant throw pillows, lamp shades and other decor items.

  • Do You Want One Colour Or Multiple Hues?
    You don’t have to stick to a single colour in your master bedroom. If you want a red room, for example, you can complement the warm tones with shades of yellow and orange. A green room can similarly be complimented with beiges and gold. You could also consider high-sheen paint or a stencil pattern on your ceiling to add more character to the space.

  • Finish Types
    The interior paint finishes to choose from include flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and high-gloss. While eggshell has a subtle finish, it doesn’t draw attention to imperfections, which makes it ideal for interior paint jobs. Gloss finishes are generally used on trims but they can also be used with certain colours to great effect. Be mindful of the fact that the higher gloss paints highlight imperfections and they also take longer to dry.

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