Choosing Paint Primers and Sealers in South Africa

There are many reasons to use paint primers and sealers in South Africa. If you are contemplating a painting project, priming your walls before painting is important and if you skip this step, your efforts could be less than satisfactory.

Paint Primers

A well prepared and primed wall will add to the overall outcome of your painting endeavour. Paint primers produce a sheen surface that the paint can stick to. One of the common reasons to use primers is that the paint will stick better to primed walls than walls that have not been primed. If the walls have not been primed properly, the paint will absorb into the wall surface and you will use more paint than is necessary. Paint primer is usually less expensive than finishing paint so you will save money by priming first.

Another reason to prime is when you are trying to paint a light colour over a wall that has been previously painted dark. Without paint primer, the dark colour will be visible under the light colour and it will take many paint coats to reach the desired effect.

Paint Sealers

Paint sealers are meant to ‘seal’ the surface so that the pores of the surface are filled to allow for a topcoat such as paint. Sealers are different than primers; they contain additional binders and resin to fill the pores of different surfaces and textures to create a workable surface. Sealers come in two basic varieties; cleared and pigmented to suit a variety of applications, however some sealers are not made to be top-coated so ask your paint professional to help you choose one that is suited to your project.

Choosing the best primers and sealers for your project is the key to your painting project success. Don’t cut corners by skipping the primer or sealer stage as it may affect the outcome of your painting venture.

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