Choosing the correct paint colours to suit your home

When going about the decoration of your home, one of the biggest steps is selecting the paint colours which will be most beneficial to the style you wish to live in. For example, if you wanted to live in a dungeon themed home, florals and pinks would be a definite no no. Knowing which style you wish to go for is the first step to take when deciding on which paint colour to use. Many professional paint suppliers will not only be able to help you by providing a colour pallet to choose from, but will be able to assist you in paint colour matching to ensure your house does not come out as a patchwork quilt.

A very popular theme today is that of a contemporary home. This is all good and well, but the biggest conundrum comes in now – which colours say contemporary?

Selecting the colours of a contemporary home

When planning the interior of your contemporary home, a good general rule of thumb is “less is more.” The style is characterised by the use of minimalism and clean lines, evoking a fresh, modern, functional feel whilst still feeling warm and homely. The general idea within this style is that shapes and textures take centre stage. Therefore, as nothing more than the supporting acts the colours surrounding the room should be within the neutral, white and black spectrum. As for the choice of paint colours, neutrals would be the best way to go as white can come across as clinical in a minimalist space and black and dark greys can be rather morbid. Therefore, keep an eye open for beiges, ivory, creams, off whites and the like when selecting the paint colour for your interior.

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