Choosing the Right Primers Sealers in South Africa

There are many types of primers and sealers in South Africa, so it is helpful if you know which primers and sealers are right for the job at hand.  Different types of primers and sealers are manufactured for different purposes and surfaces.

Before you head to your local retailer that sells these products, it is a good idea to have some background information so you have an idea of what you need for your project. Most retailers carry a full range of products that are suitable for priming and sealing.

Which Primers and Sealers Are Best?

  • Clear Sealers. Synthetic resin based clear sealers are your best choice for porous or powdery surfaces. This type of sealer is alkali resistant and has excellent binding and penetrating properties. In addition, it dries quickly and it is suitable for porous surfaces, raw plaster walls, brickwork, ceilings and cement renderings. Contact your local retailer for more information about these types of sealers.
  • Plaster Primer. This primer is also synthetic resin based with white pigmentation and it is alkali resistant on many coats of paints. Plaster Primer has good penetrating properties and dries quickly to a hard matt finish. It can be used on brick, plaster, concrete, fibre cement surfaces and masonry rhinolite surfaces.

This is only a short list of the primers and sealers available at your local paint retailer. Other types of primers include wood primer, water repellant primer and moisture resistant primers.

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