Choosing the right shade of white – Inspirational painting tips

While some painting tips articles are focused on techniques and tools, the team at Warrior Paints likes to answer questions many people struggle with when they want to make simple, yet practical and effective improvements in and around their home. One question we get asked a lot is “what shade of white should I choose for my home”?

White may seem like a generic colour, but as soon as you start searching for interior house paint you will find there are many different varieties. From snow white and egg shell white to frosted whites and ivory whites – the difference might be small when comparing them to each other, but it can have a relatively big effect on the look and feel of your rooms.

Paints are mixed with different colour undertones and the various shades of white can be mixed with red, blue, yellow and even green undertones. Ask your paint supplier to show you different white colours that have been mixed with these undertones.

Take stock of everything that is in the room you will be painting such as portraits, furniture and flooring materials. If the room is filled with warm-coloured undertones, such as red bedding and orange curtains, then you should opt for a white that has been mixed with cooler undertones, such as blue. Rooms filled with neutral coloured furniture, such as bamboo or leather should be painted with whites that were mixed with warmer undertones.

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