Cleaner painting: Tips that keep paint on the brush and off of everything else

At Warrior Paints, we don’t just provide the most luxurious and affordable paint selection in South Africa; we also have plenty of painting tips to share with our customers! Once you have your paint colour selected and you’re ready to start the job, we know you will be eager to get it over with and start enjoying your new colour scheme. However, it’s extremely important that you properly prepare the rooms and the walls in order to protect the furniture and other items and it’s recommended that use certain painting techniques that give you a flawless, clean result with the least mess.

We’re more than happy to share some of our best painting tips with you:

  • When using a roller, make sure the paint tray isn’t completely full as when you dip the roller into the paint tray you don’t want paint to spill over the sides. Remove excess paint from the roller onto the tray, as the roller should be wet but not dripping with paint.
  • If you are doing stencilling or stamping on your walls, paint the walls with the base colour first and wait until it is completely dry before applying the stencils to the wall.
  • If you are using paintbrushes, only dip the brush one third of the way into the can of paint.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure to the paintbrush or to the roller while you are painting. Try to keep a light, steady pressure on your painting tools.

It’s also recommended that you move all of the furniture into the centre of the room and cover it with drop cloths. Apply masking tape around all of your doors and windows, and never paint with the air conditioner or heating systems running. At Warrior Paints, we have all the supplies you need to prepare your rooms for painting and our staff is always happy to provide painting tips that will help make the job go as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions about the huge variety of paints we have on offer, or if you’re interested in learning more painting tips, please contact us today!

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