How colour matching can help you find the perfect interior or exterior house paint

It goes without saying that every home or building will require touch ups and refresher coats of paint over the years. Paint colour matching is a technique that requires advanced technology to match any colour with your paint type. Most professional paint suppliers offer this service and it is certainly something you can benefit from if you want to ensure your interior and exterior house paint doesn’t end up patchy or mismatched.

Many home owners have doubted the accuracy of paint colour matching over the years. In the past you had to bring a sample of the paint and try to work with the paint technician to find the colour, or one that closely matched it. However in recent times there have been many advancements and at Warrior Paints we have taken advantage of these advancements for the benefit of our clients.

How does modern paint colour matching work?

A spectrophotometer is used. This device is linked to a computer and scans whatever sample you provide and by measuring each wavelength of light reflected off the sample it calculates the pigments required to recreate/match the colour required.

At leading suppliers such as Warrior Paints, you can expect your paint colour to be quickly matched and the perfect interior paint or exterior paint provided in the best possible quality and at the best possible rate.

We encourage you to take the time to chat to one of our consultants about your paint colour matching requirements today.

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