DIY Textured wall paint

If you are looking for an easy way to change your walls and want more than just a simple coat of paint, DIY textured wall paint is the way to go. It may sound complicated, but creating texture on your walls will provide a terrific, fresh look that is perfect for the new year, with very little effort.

These tips will help you perfect a technique known as combing which is different from the sponging technique most people are familiar with and is also easier to accomplish due to the fact that you work over a base coat that is already dry.

How to accomplish combing on your walls

  • Base coat. First you need to apply a base coat to your walls in your chosen paint colour. If your walls are already painted in a colour, you can use the existing wall paint, but applying a fresh coat will have a much brighter and more dramatic effect.
  • Glaze. Use a roller to apply a thin coat of glaze over the base coat. Remember your painting techniques to get an even distribution of glaze – start at the top and work your way down.
  • Combing. While the glaze is still wet, take a combing tool and drag it gently through the glaze, starting at the top and working down. You can also comb from left to right if you prefer a horizontal pattern. After each stroke you will have to wash the combing tool to remove excess glaze.
  • Changing the pattern. If you are unhappy with your first attempt and wish to change the pattern, simply apply another coat of glaze over the previous one and try again.

There are an endless number of design options you can accomplish with combing over your wall paint. Drag the comb in different directions to create s-shapes or curves. Create circles using a thick-bristled paint brush or ask your local paint store about other tools for wall patterns and let your creativity be your guide.

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