Do coastal homes need special exterior house paint?

Living on the coast may be your lifelong dream! However, sun, salt and sea air can take its toll on exterior house paint. But, if you prepare the surfaces first and invest in good quality paint, your paint job should last for years to come.

Here are our top painting tips for coastal homes:

  1. Buy the Best Paint
  2. As soon as paint is exposed to the elements, it starts to deteriorate. Especially on the coast, where sun and spray are common. To get the most life out of your paint, it pays to invest in the best paint you can afford. A high-quality acrylic paint allows for dirt and sea salt to easily be washed off, plus its colour and gloss will last for at least 5-8 years before you will even have to think about painting again.

  3. Prep the Surface
  4. As with any house painting, the most important step of the job is prepping the surface – even more so when you live on the coast. Sand off any peeling paint and wash your walls down thoroughly to get rid of any salt spray and moisture that might prevent paint from adhering.

  5. Get primed and ready:

If you’re painting any wooden sections or fascias, apply a primer as soon as the surface is clean and dry. Primers smooth out the grain of the wood and help to seal any imperfections, ensuring a smooth paint finish.

If you’d like help with choosing a paint colour or want more information on house painting then get in touch with our team of experts at Warrior Paints today! We’ve got the widest variety of house paints available and are always on hand to answer questions!

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