Expanding your family? Here are the latest painting and decorating tips for creating the perfect nursery

It is an exciting time when you get to prepare the nursery for the little one on the way. There’s so much to do from choosing a paint colour, to decorating ideas and more.

Here are some of the latest painting and decorating tips for creating the perfect nursery:

  • Before choosing a colour, take note of the artificial and natural light in the room. This will affect the best-suited colour for the room.
  • However, when choosing a colour it is worth knowing which colours work best for nurseries. Some colours trigger certain psychological responses and certain colours should therefore be avoided. Here are some examples: Yellow is associated with energy, cheerfulness and feeling lively, whereas green is not only considered to be the best colour for a learning environment but also promotes calming, refreshing and nurturing feelings.
  • Space saving is another great way to make a nursery as beautiful and organised as possible. Choose furniture that allows for extra packing space.
  • Choose a corner which can be solely for playtime. Decorate to stimulate baby’s playing time.
  • Wallpaper is a great way to add an impressive design to your nursery.
  • Chalkboard has become quite the popular decorating idea. There are many colours available and many ideas to spice up your nursery.
  • Pick a theme and tie all decorating ideas and colours into one combined theme.

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