Fillercoats and paint jobs: what you need to know

A brand new paint job is an exciting prospect. Luckily in South Africa, paint products and primers don’t have to be a concern since there’s a wide range of quality products on the market to cater for different tastes and needs.

Most of us can easily figure out what colours and styles we like but it’s not always easy to turn your vision into reality. To ensure that everything turns out exactly the way you want it, follow the following tips:

  • Choosing a colour: This is the most important aspect of the exercise. Colours can have a huge impact on our moods. If you can’t decide on a colour, try to find one that matches your furniture or carpeting in the room. Take several colour cards and hold them against the wall. If you still can’t decide, you might want to get paint samples and paint a small section of the wall with it. If you’re still lost, get the help of a paint product expert.
  • Painting equipment: It’s never a good idea to skimp on painting equipment if you expect great results. Consult with your local handyman or paint supplier to learn what equipment you will need to do the job right the first time in the style and finish that you want.
  • Preparation: Preparation makes all the difference. The importance of paint primers and fillercoats cannot be over stated. Fillercoats need to be chosen in accordance with the type and colour paint you are using. A filler coat can be seen as the foundation of the paint job. If selected and applied correctly, you can do the same quality work as you would expect from a professional.

No man is an island. Rather than stressing alone do extensive research on finding the right paint product in South Africa that will satisfy your needs. Contact Warrior Paints for all your painting needs.

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