Five Bathroom Painting Tips from The Pros

Traditionally most bathrooms are tiled. However, the painted areas are easily revamped with a lick of paint. By choosing a paint colour in a bold new shade, you will be giving your entire bathroom a makeover. We rounded up some of our painting experts and asked them to share their top tips for painting a bathroom.

  1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Apparently saying this once is not enough! No matter what, insist on proper preparation for a successful finish. Fill cracks and holes, use a scraper to get rid of any loose paint. Take a close look, and sand any rough patched then wipe down with a damp cloth for a nice and smooth surface.

This applies not only to bathrooms but to all interior house painting. What is rather specific to bathrooms is the possible presence of mould. It is a good idea to clean off any mould the day before you plan to paint so that the surfaces are thoroughly dry and the fumes are well gone before you start. Use diluted bleach solution for this.

  1. Cover Up

To protect the rest of your bathroom from oil-based paint, protect all your fittings with tape, cover the exposed areas with plastic drop cloths, and remove all the cover plates. Our expert painters all shared the stress of losing screws from bathroom fixtures. They recommend you keep them in a zipped plastic bag as you remove them.

  1. Use the Right Paint

Your best bet for bathrooms is to use a semi-gloss finish that is mould and mildew resistant. If you are planning to paint over the tiles, ensure that you buy the correct paint and primer.

  1. Equipment

Use a mini roller (and tray) to make it easier to get into the nooks and crannies typical to bathrooms. “Keep rollers and brushes wet between applications by wrapping them in plastic wrap or aluminium foil.”

  1. Technique

Step back every few minutes to check for drips that you may have missed, and smooth them out. Once a section has been painted, go back over it – in one direction – to ensure a smooth finish.

For all your house painting requirements and more painting tips like these, please contact Warrior Paints today.

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