Get a custom paint job and lift the whole mood of your house!

Considering a custom paint job for your home? Here’s what you need to know! It’s well-known that colours in your home have very real effects on your mood and that of those around you. By customising your home painting project and painting different rooms in certain well-chosen colours and in different ways, you can change the way your house both looks and feels.

Here are some colours and their properties for you to consider 

Red: Shades of red have a dramatic physical effect on viewers. This colour symbolises energy, courage, warmth, strength and excitement. This wavelength is the longest, so it looks closest to us, making it more eye-catching than other colours. Because it’s so strong, it’s a good idea to paint a feature wall with it rather than a whole room, which can look quite intimidating. Great rooms to use red in are kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

Blue: This is the colour of intellect, communication, trust, logic and calm. A room painted in a shade of blue is soothing and relaxing. Be careful that the shade you choose isn’t too strong or dominating, as that can feel cold. A bedroom painted in light blue makes a beautiful relaxing room for a new baby, and a lounge in shades of blue can be a great sanctuary after a long day at work.

Yellow: Optimism, creativity and friendliness are just some of the positive effects associated with the colour yellow.  Soft yellows are more subtle, and can really lift a dull bedroom or dining room without being overwhelming. Stronger shades are more vibrant and eye-catching, and are perfect for playrooms, kitchens and game rooms.

Green: This is considered to be the colour of balance, nature, tranquillity, refreshment and peace. Shades of green are calming, and are a warmer choice to shades of blue. As in nature, green paint shades come in a huge range suitable for almost any room you can think of. Dark greens can be a rich, warm choice for a library or dining room, and soft, warm greens will create a feeling of cosy intimacy in a sitting room.

Whether you feel your house needs a facelift or a new atmosphere, your choice of paint product and colour will play a significant role. Contact us today and find out more about how to make your custom paint job a success!

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