Here’s What 2018’s Colour Trends Look Like!

The Pantone colour trend predictions for 2018 are out – and boy are they gorgeous! Trending colours are mostly neutrals combined with eye-catching bright accents – it’s time to be brave with your decor and interior house paint choices! While exterior house paint colour choices will always lean towards more versatile colours such as white or beige, you can still have fun outdoors with these colour trends, by painting outside furniture in bright colours, or incorporating accent colours into cushions.

Pantone have developed 8 unique palettes. They have given them enticing names such as Resourceful, Playful, Verdure and Tech-nique. Here are just a few of the highlights as well as our colour painting tips on what to watch out for in 2018:

  • Complementary Blue and Orange
    Nothing quite catches the eye like blue and orange. And these 2 colours look fantastic together. For a look that is contemporary without being overwhelming, stick to blue and grey-blue walls complemented with orange and red tones in accent furnishings and cushions.
  • A Touch of Minion Yellow
    Yes, we said Minions. When you’re choosing a paint colour and you want to pick something that is highly fashionable, then you should know that yellow is very on trend at the moment. It should not be made overpowering. Rather, select a base palette that is neutral – either blue greys or warm beiges, and make your yellow accents pop by using them sparingly.
  • Pink Power
    If you’re choosing a luxury house paint, why not choose a luxury colour that oozes elegance? Barbie pink is out, and subtle shades are in. If you want to incorporate pink, think dusty rose and blush, with accents of berry shades. Sage green and rose gold make fantastic accent colours to use with a pink colour scheme.
  • Brights And Whites
    Turquoise, pink and purple – balanced with bright white – makes for an interior house paint palette that is bright and almost seems to sparkle. Combine with fresh clean neutrals (no dusty tones) for the best effect.

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