High gloss interior house paint vs. matte finishes

After you’ve found the perfect colour for your home’s interior, you need to decide which finish you are going to use.

Many people opt for matte finishes because they are concerned about the glare high gloss finishes can create. This train of thought isn’t necessarily wrong, but the effect of gloss interior paint is more complex. What a matte finish does is eliminates glare from any angle, but many times a paint colour would actually look more rich and vibrant with a gloss finish.

Matte paint, also called ‘flat finish’ paint, has a number of benefits which could make it the ideal solution for certain homes. If for example, there are uneven surfaces or bumps you want to draw focus away from, then matte paint finishes will get the job done. Another thing to keep in mind is that certain matte finishes aren’t as long-lasting as their gloss counterparts. Make sure you talk to the paint manufacturer to find out about the correct cleaning methods so that you don’t wear down your paint.

A gloss finish will often be more durable and easier to clean. The drawback of using a gloss finish is that it will draw attention to any flaws you would rather want to camouflage on your wall.

Unsure about the best interior house paint solution? Contact Warrior Paints and one of our helpful consultants will be able to talk you through your options.

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