Home Décor: Choosing the perfect paint colour for your teenager’s bedroom

The transition from child to teenager can pose a number of home décor challenges. Choosing the perfect paint colour for your teenager’s room is a tough decision because, as a rule, teens have very strong opinions and ideas about what gets done in their personal space. By following these expert tips and allowing your teen to become heavily involved in the details of the project, you will find the process of decorating a whole lot simpler.

The important thing to remember when you begin the process of painting your teen’s room is that whatever colour you choose will need to be a reflection of their individuality and personality. Choosing colours which can be easily accessorised is also a good idea as most teens change their mind on a regular basis as they go about their journey of self-discovery. Use this as a learning experience and pay attention to these expert painting tips.

Tips for painting a teenager’s room

  • Bright colour. Teens are not as frightened of colour as adults and generally prefer to steer clear of neutral colours such as white, beige or grey. Choose paint colours that complement a specific theme.
  • Expensive look. As a result of their emerging independence, teens generally prefer a more free-spirited look as opposed to the high-end, expensive, luxury paint that adults are so drawn to. Try and make the room resemble a small studio apartment with a comfortable yet dramatic acrylic paint.

Tips for girls’ rooms

  • Girly girl colour. If your teenage girl is slightly more girly, then soft lavender shades or even bright pink tones work beautifully with white furniture for a feminine, classy look.
  • Old soul. If you find your teen prefers classic, antique looks, it is a good idea to consider a shabby chic colour such as muted blues and greens with floral accents.
  • Modern look. To create a more sophisticated, ‘up-market’, cosmopolitan look, consider using a bright red wall colour with black accents in the décor and furniture.

Tips for boys’ rooms

  • Minimalist approach. Boys tend to be less concerned with colour and busyness on their walls than girls. Keep it simple with pops of colour on muted wall paint.
  • Quiet retreat. If your son prefers his room to be a quiet sanctuary, try incorporating earth tones such as browns and greens.
  • Sporty look. To make your son’s room reflect his favourite sport or team, choose a prominent colour for the walls and add appropriate trimmings.

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