House painting tips for small spaces

Painting small spaces often seems daunting, but it does not have to be. There are tons of painting ideas for small spaces, which will transform your small area into a more vibrant, inviting space. The beauty of working with small spaces is that you can be quite gutsy in your design choices and get away with it, making a bold statement.

Here are three basic painting and design tips for smaller spaces: 

  1. The first most important rule is choosing a paint colour that works well with small spaces. The trick is to choose sharp colours as opposed to duller colours. Think along the lines of hot reds and electric blues, yellows and greens for smaller spaces.

Another ruling regarding colour is adding unexpected colour accents. This can work well on the inside of a book shelf or any other designated area that is appropriate.

  1. The second rule is to create a focal wall. This may allow for a small space to appear larger. The wall can be a shade lighter or darker than that of the other walls.
  1. The third rule that works well with some spaces is to colour code. Perhaps having the same colour lampshade, scatter cushions and vase, complementing the paint colour on the walls, is one such example. It creates an organised, flowing atmosphere and makes a small room feel slightly larger.

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