House painting tips: How to keep clean lines while painting

Painting can be quite a task and it is not always as easy and simple as picking the best paint colour. Choosing the perfect colour is only one aspect of the house painting task at hand. So here are a few house painting tips to ensure you always have clean lines while painting.

Two-tone colour walls can add a special design touch to almost any room and here are five easy steps to make sure you always have clean lines.

  1. First apply your first colour of paint and extend over the line where you intend for the second colour to be applied. Always use the basic painting techniques.
  2. Once the paint is dry apply masking tape to where you would like your dividing line to be.
  3. Use the same paint colour to paint along the bottom side of the tape. You should do this with the first colour you used. It may seem incorrect to do so, but do remember that there will always be bleeding under the masking tape. The edge of the masking tape then becomes the start of the second colour.
  4. Once the paint you have applied dries, keeping in mind the paint that has bled under the tape also needs to dry, you are ready for the next step. You can now apply your second colour and make sure to stay in line with where you have placed your masking tape.
  5. You can now remove the tape at a 90 degree angle and for the best results, this should be done while the paint is still wet.

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