How house paint can help make small rooms feel larger

Many people are living in small spaces these days, but the problem with tiny rooms is that they often feel cluttered and closed in. Updating your house paint is not only an easy way of reinventing your decor, it can also be used to make small rooms appear larger.

Take note of these house painting tips for making small rooms feel more spacious:

White on white

White will always be the number one interior house paint colour for making a room appear larger, as it creates the illusion of light and disperses shadows in small spaces. Painting finishes such as window frames and doors in gloss white acrylic paint enhances the effect, and is also stylish and modern.

Soft and bright

If all white is too minimal for you, then light, bright colours are your next best bet. Note that the key word is bright and not bold, as you want to create light and not overwhelm with too much colour. Good shades are soft pastels in green, blue or rose; or light citrus colours such as lemon yellow. If you want to include bolder colours in your decor, bring these into your accessories as accents – but don’t use them on the walls in a small space.

Monochrome walls and trim

When house painting, many people are tempted to paint trim in white and walls in colour to create a striking effect. However, too much contrast between the walls, window frames and mouldings visually breaks up a room and makes it seem smaller. When everything is the same colour however, the walls and trim recede, which in turn makes a room feel larger.

Use good quality paint

The quality of the house paint that you use also makes a difference when it comes to making small rooms feel bigger. Poor quality paint can leave a chalky, uneven finish that is very obvious in small spaces. Luxury house paints may cost a little more, but the end result is a far superior, smooth and even finish.

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