How internet marketing can help you sell more paint and reach new customers

Research has shown that most people research purchases online before making them, and this includes buying paint as well. If you’re a paint company that is looking to establish a stronger online presence and reach out to new and potential customers, there are several internet marketing strategies and tactics to help you achieve your business goals. Although internet marketing may seem confusing, follow these helpful pieces of advice and see if they make a difference.

How to use internet marketing to sell more paint

  • Don’t let the content on your website become stagnant. With Google and other search engines, the search results are dependent upon the freshness of the content, meaning if you haven’t updated your website in several months it won’t rank as highly as similar websites that have. Creating a ‘Blog’ or ‘News’ section on your website is an ideal way to consistently post industry-related content on a regular basis.
  • Get involved in social media and link all of your social media pages back to your main website. Social media is too important to ignore, so make sure you are active on your social media accounts!
  • Scope out your competitors. There is nothing wrong with checking out what the competition is doing. You can see what has worked well for them, what hasn’t worked well for them and perhaps get some creative ideas of your own.
  • Update your keywords and key phrases for better SEO results. Using an analytics programme, you can discover which keywords and key phrases your target audiences are searching for and incorporate them into your website content.

As you can see, internet marketing can be helpful if you want to reach new customers and sell more paint. Visit Warrior Paints today for the best selection of high-quality paints in South Africa!

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