How luxury paints add texture and elegance to modern home design

The importance of paint in modern home design is that it forms the basis from which all your design elements (furniture, pictures, ornaments) are drawn together to create a unique and exciting space. Traditional white walls can seem luxurious if paired correctly with a boldly coloured piece of furniture, or an elaborate piece of art, but often people do not do this and it can look rather bland or boring. Deep and bold colours used on walls, fabrics and accessories give the modern home a more expensive feel, but you must be careful to balance it off with less vibrant tones and textures. If you are a bit pensive about committing a wall to an extremely vibrant colour, you can use high gloss paint in a rich, deep colour on the doors to add a bit of wow factor to your rooms. Need help choosing a paint colour?

Textured paint effects can create a truly unique and expensive look in your home. Random overlapping rectangles, using varying shades of the same colour can create a luxurious modern look, where the rectangles overlap, different shades and colours are created. Note it is important to practice this effect on a sample board until you are satisfied and then proceed to copy the design onto the wall.

Another effect which can be easily achieved is the shimmering stripe effect. To create this effect, tear strips of masking tape and apply them to the wall. Next choose two complementary glaze paint colours and paint between the masking tape.

Stencilling is another inexpensive way to create interest in your home. Simply choose a stencil design and a contrasting colour to your base coat to add a little bit of elegance to any room.

There are a myriad of ways you can utilise luxury paints to add texture and a personal touch to the interior or exterior your home, whether it is simple elegance or your personal taste in bold and exciting colours. Contact Warrior Paints to get started on creating a space that you can enjoy and share with others.

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