How Often Should You Paint the Outside of Your Home?

Knowing that most exterior house paint can be expensive, especially if you buy the quality variants that are sure to last longer, one of the most common questions that home owners ask us is how often they should be treating the exterior portion of their home to a new lick of paint? We provide you with answers below.

The Average Time

Generally, it is recommended that you apply new exterior house paint to your walls at least every 7 years. However, sometimes it may be required a lot sooner, such as every 3 years. Ultimately, the frequency necessary will depend on a variety of factors including the following:

  • The Quality of Paint You Use: As mentioned, when it comes to house painting, the quality of the paint you use has a direct and powerful effect on its overall longevity. Therefore, if you went with a cheaper alternative, the chances are quite high that you will need to repaint a lot sooner than expected.
  • The Weather in Your Area: You will likely have to paint the exterior of your home more often if you live in an area with high levels of humidity or high rainfall, as this excess moisture will usually lead to accelerated cracking and peeling. Extremely hot weather may also result in the paint bubbling over time.
  • How You Prep: Sufficient preparation of the surface area on which you intend to paint is just as important as the type of exterior house paint you use! A quality primer can truly work wonders when it comes to enhancing the lifespan of your work.

Are you looking for advice on the type of exterior house paint to buy? Perhaps you are looking to invest in a few handy house painting tools? Or maybe you simply need advice choosing a paint colour? Whatever your needs may be, you can always turn to the Warrior Paints team for hands-on assistance and South Africa’s best painting products. Call us or pay us a visit today to learn more!

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