How to Add Architectural Interest to Your Home Using Paint

How to Add Architectural Interest to Your Home Using Paint

Why go about house painting the old-fashioned way when you can add additional architectural detail and depth instead? The great news is that it is really simple to do – you definitely don’t need to be a skilled visual artist to get it right. So, without further ado, here are our top painting tips to keep in mind:

  • Create A Minimalist Fireplace 

Choose a paint colour that both contrasts and complements the colour of the walls in your living room and use it to paint a large square around a basic hole in the wall. You can then turn it into a modern, minimalistic fireplace.

  • Enhance Your Doorways 

Using interior house paint, paint a large border around a few of the doors in your home. This simple decorating technique can help to transform a boring doorway into a big deal, adding depth and interest to each room.

  • Fake A Headboard 

Using a bright yet neutral paint colour, paint a large rectangle over the area where your bed is placed, and you will be able to fashion a pretty stylish ‘headboard’ that helps to provide ‘edge’ to your cosy bedroom.

  • Add ‘Moulding’ 

Mouldings can really make a room ooze sophistication. Unfortunately, they often cost a fortune to install! The good news is that you can create something just as special by simply painting a quarter of your walls. Bolder colours look great in this regard, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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