How to Calculate How Much Paint Your Room Needs

Hands up if this sounds familiar: You are diligently painting out the rooms of your home over the long Easter break. You and your partner may have spent a while choosing a paint colour. You have moved all the furniture, taped up all the edges, and covered the carpets with a drop cloth. The project is going rather smoothly if you say so yourself. Until… you run out of paint. How could that be? Let us have a look at how to calculate how much interior house paint you need.

Estimate the Amount of Paint You Need

When it comes to house painting, preparation is key. Prior to painting the interior walls, ceiling, woodwork, doors and windows of your home, you need to determine the amount of paint you will require. These calculations are specific for each surface you want to paint.

Painting Your Walls

To gauge the amount of paint you will need to cover the walls of a room:

  1. Measure the length of all the walls, and the height from floor to ceiling.
  2. Add together all the wall lengths and multiply that by the wall height. This gives you the room’s square meterage.
  3. Calculate the square meterage of each window and each door in the same way i.e. length x height. Add these up and then deduct them from your overall measurement.
  4. Use the guidelines on the paint container to see what the coverage is. Normally around 43 m2 per 5 litre. Divide the paintable wall area by 43 (the square-meter coverage in each 5 litre can) to find the number of tins of paint you need for the walls. Double the figure if the walls require two coats.

Painting Your Ceiling

To work out the amount of ceiling paint needed:

  1. Find the area by multiplying the length of the ceiling times its width.
  2. Divide that number by the estimated square meter covered per 5 litre to figure out how many tins of paint you need.
  3. Double if the ceiling needs two coats.

Woodwork, Doors and Windows

This is done in the same way. Remember though that the coverage may be different with non-acrylic paints.

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