How to choose exterior house paint that hand handle South African sun, sea and rain

South Africa’s climate can be harsh. Depending on where you live, your home could be exposed to piping hot sun, flash floods and hail – sometimes all in one week. The exterior house paint you choose for your home needs to withstand these elements.

It’s common for people to disregard the influence of weather on their paint jobs, but bad weather can ruin your paint job before you get started, while you are painting as well as after the paint job is done. Similarly, the time of you year you paint will also impact the type of paint you choose (you could struggle to get your paint to dry properly during very cold weather, for example). If you’re painting during the heat of the summer, the paint could dry very quickly and leave unsightly lap marks on your walls. Living in Port Elizabeth, or other windy areas, can sometimes be problematic, as the wind could cause dirt to blow onto your walls before the paint has dried.

When homeowners consider an exterior paint job, they’re usually looking for a high quality paint that won’t crack and leave marks after a few years. There are, however, other things that can occur without being noticed immediately, such as exterior paint fading over time, becoming chalky due to exposure to the sun or the paint simply losing its original glow.

If you’re looking for house paints that can withstand South African weather, then visit a Warrior Paints branch near you. Contact us for more information today.

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