How to choose the right colour exterior house paint

There’s nothing quite like going with your personal preference to ensure a look you’ll love for years to come. There are, however, a few factors to consider that might just change your mind and influence the final colour you choose for your exterior house paint.

Take a look at our painting tips for choosing an exterior house paint colour.

  1. Consider your neighbours
  2. Your choice of exterior house paint can affect the look of your whole street. Take a drive through your neighbourhood and take note of what colours seem to be popular to ensure a look that will blend in to the overall palette of the area.

  3. Consider your environment
  4. Do you want your home to blend into the background or to stand out against the environment? If your home is situated against a wild landscape, you might want it to blend in, but if you’re one of many homes in a suburb, perhaps you want to make a statement everyone will notice.

  5. Consider your landscaping
  6. Take your inspiration from elements that you’re not likely to change, such as stonework, pathways, driveways, and of course the colour of your roof, as you’re not likely to change any of these in a hurry, unless you’re planning a complete overhaul. Your paint colours should tie into these elements, picking up on undertones in a harmonious way.

  7. Consider your style
  8. Whether your home is a period masterpiece, a modern mansion or somewhere in between, your exterior paint colour should suit the architectural style. Paint experts can help to advise you on colours that will suit the look you’re going for.

  9. Consider your palette

When it comes to choosing an exterior paint, it’s not as simple as choosing one colour. You’ll also have to consider your accent colour (on doors and shutters) and your trim colour, which goes on window frames, gutters, railing and other trimwork – ideally your trim colour should stand out against your main wall colour, while your accent colours should be just that – bright pops of colour to create interest and effect.
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