How to choose the right external house paint: A guide to colours

Are you on the hunt for the perfect shade of colour for your house paint? Re-painting your home (or painting a newly-built home for the first time) is not a cheap endeavour, but something that is necessary to ensure your home is always in top-notch condition. For this reason, it is extremely important that the colour you choose to paint your home is something that will date well and won’t have to be replaced with the changing trends. Here’s your guide to house paint colours.

Consider the architectural style of your home

Not just any colour house paint will match with any style. Consider the architectural style of your home. Tuscan homes call for shades of terracotta, rich dark yellows and shades of golden beige. Keep it as neutral as possible so that the colour lasts. These colours will contrast well with the deep greens of creepers and conifer trees. For a French provincial style home, stick with beige, off-white and grey. And for a modern home, with its clean lines and sharp angles, stick with crisp white or off-white.

Keep in mind the changing trends

Design trends come and go in the blink of any eye, and the same can be said about the fashions in house paint colours. While it’s a lot of fun to embrace the latest trends in your interiors with fashionable fabrics and knick-knacks, painting your entire home each time there’s a new trend might get a tad bit pricey. The trick is to keep it classic. Save the bold, bright colours for your interiors and opt for neutral, easy-on-the-eye colours for your exterior.

Warm vs cool colours

The climate of the area in which you live can play quite a big role in determining which colour to choose for your exterior house paint. Sunny, coastal beach areas call for crisp white, off-white and grey which will reflect the sun and keep things bright. For cloudy, rainy areas, warm shades of golden beige will bring a bit of sunshine to even the darkest day.

So there you have it – just a few things to keep in mind and you’re all set to choosing the perfect colour for your house paint. For everything to do with paints, contact us today.

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