How to Choose the Right Paint Type and Colour for your Bathroom

Choosing a paint colour scheme for any room of the house is often difficult and takes many reviews to be satisfied with the choice. Unfortunately, the bathroom is normally the hardest room to paint as it is not always easy to make the bathroom “feel like your own.” Nonetheless, take a look at this short piece which offers some valuable house painting tips when it comes to painting the bathroom space.

Utilise Complementary and Analogous Colours

Many people fail to realise or research into how colours should complement each other, when making a choice. The results can be disastrous, with a loss of time and money, therefore it is always recommended to utilise a colour wheel and consult with a paint expert. When choosing a paint colour with a colour wheel, colours that are opposite each other are complementary and colours that are next to each other are analogous. With this knowledge, you’ll easily identify which interior house paint, acrylic paint or even luxury house paints are ideal for your needs.

Choosing a Paint Colour – Or Three

As a safe rule to follow, always choose three colours for your bathroom and select one neutral, one rich and one accent colour. This will go a long way in creating diversity whilst never being overwhelming. This also opens up many different painting options, compared to choosing the likes of blue and white or another simple combination, allowing you to personalise the space to your liking.

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