How to create a romantic bedroom using colour and luxury house paints

Luxury house paints can really go a long way towards creating a romantic bedroom space. If you are going to experiment with moods and colours, the romance side of things is quite simple to achieve. Warm colours will create a cosy and luxurious appeal, not to mention set the mood for those romantic evenings. You can choose to paint a warm coloured feature wall and tie in the supporting walls with neutral shades, or if you are feeling bold, mix things up with a selection of warm rich shades on all of the walls.

While it might be easy to say that shades of red and rich violet neutrals can be romantic, it is best not to choose such bold shades without testing out how you feel first. Gather a few swatches and stick them on the wall to see how you feel about your preferred shades. Remember that it’s not just the paint that can set the scene. You will need to purchase curtains / blinds that complement the paint job and ensure that your bed and other items of furniture tie in with the mood. Comfort and luxury is a must for the romantic appeal so think of scatter cushions, throws, warm rugs and even a comfortable couch as extras.

Top quality luxury house paint at Warrior Paints

At Warrior Paints we present the market with a range of top quality paints that are designed to look luxurious and be absolutely durable too. We offer a wide range of paints to the market including First Choice range, acrylic paint, Warrior solvent-based industrial paint, Warrior acrylic paint, Warrior Alkyd or acrylic decorative paints and various painting accessories. Make sure that you choose a type and grade of paint that is right for the task at hand. For instance, don’t use an interior house paint to paint the exterior of the home and so on.

We have a great colour chart available for you to consult with and our team members are well prepared to provide you with some great painting tips and techniques to achieve the end result that you desire. Contact us at Warrior Paints for more information and advice on our range of house paints and more.

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