How to create a warm colour palette for your home

With so many interior paint colours to choose from these days, painting the interior of your home has never before offered the creative outlet that it does now. So, why stick to one colour for all your walls when you can create a ‘colour palette’? There are plenty of painting tips to help you get the look you want, as the days of reverting to standard off-white or ‘eggshell’– the colours that go with everything – are long gone.

Paining tips for choosing interior paint colours

It’s a well-known and accepted fact that colour effects the mood of a room – and indeed, your mood. So-called ‘cold colours’ include pale blues and greens and bright whites, and ‘warm colours’ include browns, reds, orange and yellow. However, you can’t just go painting the inside of house in the ‘warm colours’ and expect to create the right mood. You are more likely to create colour clashes and end up with the sense that the rooms are smaller. This is the last thing you want unless you really do want to make a large room seem smaller and cosier.

Using colour wheels and swatches to create colour palettes

This is where colour palettes come in. You can use paint colour swatches and colour wheels to choose four of five colours that complement each other to create the look and feel you want. A general rule of thumb when combining colours is that they don’t consist of clashing colours (colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel). Others are to stay away from solid primary colours, consider size of the room, your décor scheme and to also take into consideration the direction from which light enters your room. This importance of this point can be illustrated by the effect of an off-white paint with an orange or pink pigment in a room that gets late afternoon sunlight. The sunset light will pick up the otherwise ‘unseen’ pigment, transforming the light in the room and the feel of it with startling effect.

The ideal ‘warm’ colour palette

Having considered the above, start looking at colours with red, rose, orange and yellow pigments – concentrating on an off-white base with these pigments and restricting the use of darker colours to bedrooms and living areas that get a lot of light. Other good colours, depending on your décor, include the ‘earth’ tones – ideal for African-style lodge homes and cottages. With these ranges in the mix, house painting has never been more of an adventure!

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