How to get the vintage look with luxury house paint

A popular trend in the interior decorating industry is to give a home a vintage look. Vintage is not only unique and artsy, but it’s also elegant and sophisticated and can easily compliment antique furniture within a home.

One way to get the vintage look with luxury house paint is to use a technique called ‘ragging’. What you will need:

  • Glaze colour
  • A paint pan
  • A paint roller
  • Your base paint colour

Make sure the glaze colour and base paint colour complement each other (for example, match a light beige with caramel or a camel-type colour).

Your first step is to carefully roll the glaze paint onto the wall, taking particular care to roll the paint as evenly as possible. Try to do 3m sections at a time, starting from the ceiling and working your way down to the floor. This technique works well when there’s more than one person so that one person can focus on doing the glazing and the other can get started with the ragging.

Take a 100% cotton piece of fabric for the ragging process (you can also use different materials such as velvet or t-shirt material in order to create a different effect). Roll the fabric into a small ball and dab onto the glaze. A good tip is to change your hand positioning throughout the dabbing process so that you don’t get the exact same imprint everywhere. The final layer of paint will add richness to the vintage effect on your wall.

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