How to help your children pick the right interior house paint colours for their rooms

Choosing an interior house paint colour for your home isn’t a simple task, especially when it’s for your children’s rooms. Whether you’re building a new home and you’re getting an early start on selecting the right colour, or you’re repainting your children’s rooms and you need to decide on a colour as soon as possible, here are some simple tips to help you decide:

  • It’s important to consider the psychological effects of colour. Warm colours such as orange and yellow can make a space feel inviting and welcoming, whilst dark colours can make a room feel much smaller than it actually is. Traditionally, blue hues are considered calming.
  • Will you be keeping the same furniture which is currently in the room, or will you be replacing it with new furniture? Ensure the colour you choose doesn’t clash with the furniture.
  • Although some children might be drawn to drastic colours such as fluorescent pink, you can compromise by agreeing to paint the walls a more neutral colour that will still be fashionable in five years’ time, while buying bright pink bedding that they love.
  • Evaluate the natural light in the room. Does the sun shine through the windows for most of the day? Check and see how the colours you select will look in sunlight and remember that darker colours tend to fade more quickly.

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