How to paint a wall – DIY painting tips

Our paint suppliers often give homeowners as well as professional contractors crucial painting tips that help them get their interior house paint job done properly the first time around. Here are some important DIY pointers to help you in the process:

Avoid lap marks
If you have ever walked into a friend’s house and noticed lap marks on their wall, then you will know that this is a telltale sign of a DIY project gone wrong. The easiest way to avoid lap marks is to invest in a paint roller with a long rod and use this tool to paint the entire length of the ceiling. It may seem like a more laborious process to paint the entire length of a wall (as opposed to smaller sections so that you don’t have to move up and down the length of the room), but this is the key to avoiding lap marks on your walls and ceilings.

Make sure the paint colours are consistent
It can be tempting to mix smaller amounts of paint with water, especially if you haven’t invested in big buckets or you don’t want to overstock on the amount of paint that you buy. This process, however, can lead to inconsistencies in the paint that you apply to your walls. Your best bet is to mix several cans of paints in a big bucket so that the colour of the paint that is applied to the wall remains consistent.

Prepare the surfaces
Remove any old paint, fill holes and make sure that the surfaces are properly cleaned before you paint.

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