How to paint over stains, water damage and other issues with interior house paint

Stains can be a challenge when it comes to painting jobs. From water damage to smoke stains to smudges and smears, stains need to be carefully attended to when completing your interior house paint job. As experts in painting, Warrior Paints is here to guide you through all your painting challenges and provide you with vital painting tips.

Dealing with stains is crucial prior to painting the interior of your house, as paint tends to stick on stained surfaces. If your stain is relatively minor, such as a smudge or a layer of dirt, this can easily be washed with a chemical cleaner before you start to paint. Remember, for a professional paint job, your interior surfaces need to be clean, dry and free of anything which might interrupt your painting, such as old, loose paint. Tougher stains, such as damage to wood, will require sanding to eradicate the issue.

Water stains can be tougher still and often result in mould growth. First things first, be sure that the source of the water leak has been dealt with, so as not to cause further damage in future. For mould, why not try Warrior Anti-Fungal Wash to treat any unwanted growth? Water damage is also likely to cause old paint to flake and so requires attention in clearing the surface for your paint job. If the stain is bad, a few layers of primer will be required and, of course, a quality paint which will need to be applied multiple times. At Warrior Paints, we pride ourselves on the quality of our paint, offering lasting luxury at affordable prices.

Whether you need eco-friendlier paint, acrylic paint, oil based decorative paints or primers and fillercoats for your interior or exterior house painting needs, Warrior Paints is your one-stop paint shop. Contact Warrior Paints today to find out more about our extensive range.

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