How to Paint Wall Mouldings and Trim Like a Pro

You have your wall colours sorted. But now it’s time to paint the trim and mouldings. These areas can be tricky to paint. Not only because they are out of reach, but they sometimes include moulded details. They need to be painted carefully because they often contrast with wall colour – and an uneven finish is not what you want to achieve! Our painting tips for trim and mouldings should help you to take some of the hassles out of your home decor work, for a better and more professional finish:

  • Clean and Sand the Trim Thoroughly
  • Cleaning before you paint anything is an absolute must, but especially important with moulding, where dust and dirt can easily get trapped in small crevices and details. Sugar soap is the best pre-painting cleaning agent. Use a scrubbing brush (or even an old toothbrush) to make sure not a speck of dust remains.

    Sanding is also vital. For your acrylic paint to adhere well, a slightly roughened surface is required.

  • Use Masking Tape to Define Edges
  • If you choose a paint colour for your trim that is contrasted with your wall colour, you don’t want any of the trim colour to end up on the wall or windows, do you? You can ensure a nice, clean contrasted edge with masking tape. Paint over the masking tape, and when your paint is dry, peel the tape off carefully. You’ll be left with a nice sharp line, and no paint on the walls.

  • Many Light Coats
  • When house painting it is always better to layer many thin coats of colour for a lasting and even finish. This is even more true when it comes to trims and moulding. You don’t want to use too much paint that will fill up any moulded details and detract from the finish. Using thick coats can also take a very long time to dry, and in the case of patterned mouldings, end up looking clumpy.

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